High Performance Advertising



Growing up in the Midwest… hard work, integrity and strong moral values were instilled in me at a very young age.  I believe these traits to be the foundation of my success and a vital part of all business relationships.

Living here in Idaho since 1985, the Treasure Valley is where I call home and no place I would rather be.  I have spent the majority of my adult life building relationships with local businesses owners and structuring effective advertising plans to help achieve their goals.

With a wealth of experience in advertising media including:  TV, digital, print and creative production, we work in-depth with our customers to achieve real results that can be clearly measured. Now more than ever in today’s complex world of advertising I firmly believe that targeted well-placed advertising is of the utmost importance.

Dave Claman – Owner/Consultant



Kevin Fritz, Regional Production Manager, has been in television production industry since 1985. Kevin is also one of the most respected production guys throughout the state of Idaho.

Terry Moore, Creative Director, has been in the industry since 1988. Along with Terry’s vast knowledge in the business he also has the reputation as one of the most easy-going camera guys you’ll ever meet.



* I’ve been working with Dave Claman for 14 years. In that time I have come to realize it is rare to find someone who truly cares about the success of my business as much as I do, but Dave is that guy.  Dave is always working hard to put together a winning advertising campaign each and every time and keeping within the budget.  Dave has helped us increase our business almost 50% in 2018 and cannot wait to see what we can do together in 2019.  I was so excited when Dave decided to open his own agency.  I was very humbled when he asked me to be one of his clients.  I whole heartedly recommend Dave and his advertising agency to any business that wants to be successful.

R. Fitzsimonds – Owner of Ashley Furniture


* I’ve known Dave since 2003 and I was excited to partner with High Performance Advertising. Dave helped increase our sales by nearly 30% in the first three months over the same period last year. The thing I appreciate the most is Dave handles it all; taking care of all media purchases, creative concepts and advertising meetings allowing me to focus on running my business!

J. Kerensky – Owner of Happy Camper RV Sales